Until Further Notice,
To Keep Students & Staff Safe During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Group Classes Will Not Be Offered.

Why Group Lessons?

Group Lessons Are More Fun!

Group lessons change the learning dynamic from 1:1 to 4:1.  This makes the classroom far less intimidating, and encourages students to participate openly, and energetically!

There is also more TIME for fun!  It is great to be able to mix learning songs, theory, technique and all of our 12 Components with our library of educational games.  This creates a level of engagement which simply isn’t possible in a private lesson.

Classes are all well organized and prepared in advance following our Premise curriculum.

Teachers Control the Pace of the Class!

If your child tends to procrastinate or give up easily, group lessons may be a stronger fit than private.  Private lessons allow students to progress at their own pace and in a way control what can be accomplished each week.  In Group Classes, if students don’t practice or complete their homework assignments regularly they are likely to fall behind.

We find most students want to stay ahead of the class and are more inclined to develop healthy practice habits! 



Kingston’s Greatest Value for Music Lessons!

Who Doesn’t Like a Great Deal!?

One Hour Group Lessons
Cost LESS than
Private Half Hour Lessons.


Learn More.  Spend Less.




(Aural, Visual, Tactile – EXTREME!)

Appealing to a combination of learning styles simultaneously is the most effective way to ensure students retain what they learn.


In Group Lessons, Aural, Visual and Tactile stimulation are greatly enhanced.


Aural learners benefit from hearing an entire class play, name notes, count out loud and much more.  Introverted students will also be more open to participating as their voice will blend with the group, creating a more inviting and positive environment.


Visual learners will benefit from a large whiteboard, regularly assigned homework sheets, in-class handouts/exercises, and games to reinforce what they learn with visual references.


Tactile learners will have the opportunity to play on high quality instruments, and have more opportunities to practice applied theory (playing scales/triads/songs), clapping rhythms, improvising and much more!


Our goal with AVT x  is to make each lesson
as BIG and MEMORABLE as possible!

Group Lessons are Available For




Intro to Music



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