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Private Lessons

Private Lessons Offer Greater Flexibility

When you take private music lessons, the experience becomes yours and yours alone. With the right teacher, your lessons will be customized to best fit your learning style and interests.  Her is how our teachers do this?

Designing Customized and Personalized Lesson Plans:

Your teacher works with you on a weekly basis and as we get to know you, your musical abilities, and learning style; each lesson will be uniquely designed to challenge your skill level and knowledge.  Once we work with you to find out your goals, we will create a plan to help you achieve them.

Allowing You to Learn at Your Own Pace:

Music is an extra-curricular activity.  We recognize that there are other things in life that can keep you from practicing (homework, other activities, a busy work schedule, etc.) With private lessons, you are able to learn at your pace. You can ask for as many clarifications, examples, and/or questions you’d like – after all, this is YOUR experience.   This doesn’t mean you have a free pass from practicing – but rather than falling behind in a group class, private classes allow you to control how quickly you develop!

Music Always Sounds Best With a Confident Tone – Sing or Play with Pride!!!

Private Classes Help Build Identity and Confidence

Confidence! It’s a common saying that teachers wear many hats; this is true in private lessons as well. We are not just teaching you how to play your instrument, we’re also teaching you how to be confident in yourself and your musical abilities.

“I can’t do it,” is not part of our private teacher’s vocabulary; eventually, it will not be part of yours either. Lesson by lesson we will show you that you can work through any obstacle.

“Stage fright” is something almost everyone experiences; even your teachers. Ask any of us at the school, we believe it is something that can be overcome and performing is an important part learning music. Performing is all about believing your confidence, experience, and hard work will turn those jitters into adrenaline. We’ll teach you to trust yourself so you can show anyone how well you can rock it!  



Music Lessons Don’t Just Teach MUSIC; They Also Teach LIFE skills.

Develop a Deeper Variety of Skills

Children who take music lessons, don’t just learn how to play your instrument. Effective private lessons will also help develop a number of different skill sets.  Here are a few additional skills that we sneakily teach you!

Self-Discipline (consistent practicing)
Problem Solving
Dealing with Stress/Anxiety
and much more!

Your private teacher is there to help you with you grow and to build the skills that will help you succeed.
Pretty cool, eh?! 

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